Personalised Medal Hanger

A medal hanger we drew for a young lady that dances and is artistic personalised with her name.
Personalised Medal Hanger

This is the 65cm Triple bar hanger – to order and for enquiries please email (Unfortunately South Africa only) or visit our Facebook page




Taekwondo Medal Hanger


We can add figures for whichever sport it is that you do, speak to us about designing a personalised medal hanger for your sport.

SA Medal Hangers Taekwondo

65 cm Single Bar

For more info or to speak to us about creating a medal hanger specially for you please email or visit our Facebook page for more ideas and info

SA Medal Hangers

Go Conor Go!

We were asked to make this one as Conor’s mom was very proud of all he had already achieved and as he was just starting a new  school for a bit of encouragement.
SA Medal Hangers Conor

To order one similar please email or visit our Facebook page for more ideas.  SA Medal Hangers

My Race Bling with stars

So far we have designed 2 different MY RACE BLING medal hangers.  This one has stars on either end and is our 65 cm Double Bar hanger

SA Medal Hangers MY RACE BLINGWe are also able to place any words or even a name in the between the stars, making it a very nice hanger for that younger sports star.

To order this medal hanger or to create your own please email or visit our Facebook page SA Medal Hangers for more photos and ideas

Personalised Medal Hanger – Princess Lindy

We played around with the font a bit on this one…. and added a crown.  What do you think?

65cm Triple Bar

SA Medal Hangers Personalised Medal HangerFor more information visit our Facebook page SA Medal Hangers

Or to order contact